A Celebration Dinner at The Centurion, Lucknow


We are living in COVID-19 times. So, we have to be cautious if we desire to celebrate any occasion with our family. So, after a thorough discussion among ourselves and with the restaurant representative, we decided to celebrate the event at The Centurion Restaurant.

It was my younger brother’s birthday. You can find this restaurant on the top floor of Wave Mall, Gomti Nagar.

How to confirm tables

This restaurant does not have a website of its own. But it’s listed on major dining platforms – Zomato, EasyDiner.

As these are Corona times, we were unsure if the restaurant was still operational and how the management kept the necessary precautions regarding hygiene and social distancing. We called the restaurant, discussed, and booked the table for ourselves.

Do they have reserved parking of their own

No. There is no specified or reserved parking for this restaurant. Anybody has to use the mall’s available parking space.

What are the charges of dining

When I was looking for some good place to dine, this restaurant kept popping up now and then. The charges are moderate. But, if you compare this restaurant with the competition in the Lucknow area, these prices will seem a tad higher !!

The Centurion Buffet Charges across the week

How to locate the restaurant in the mall

You have to find the elevator behind the “Barista” Coffee Shop. It is on the top floor of the Wave Mall. Exit the elevator, and you will see a narrow passage ending at the restaurant. You will be greeted at the entrance by the staff. They will ask for the details if a reservation has been made.

How is the interior/space of the restaurant

This restaurant has got a vast space. You will observe a waiting lounge – beautifully decorated and ample seating space when you enter the restaurant. After that area comes the main dining hall. It has multiple designated areas.

The Centurion Waiting Lounge

Once you move ahead, they have a separate section for the children to enjoy their time. This specified area has multiple Video Games Platforms, Multiple swings and a very colourful childish environment.

Kids Zone at The Centurion
Kid’s Zone at The Centurion

The restaurant has multiple seating sections. Various arrangements for the seating have been made, like there as a centralised seating section.

Centralized Seating Section in the Restaurant
Centralized Seating Section in the Restaurant

One section can accommodate a large family gathering privately and separately. Just after the waiting lounge, there is another section where multiple families can sit. Still, they will have a sense of private space too. There is another section which faces toward a big screen for watching matches.

Seating Section for Multiple Families
Seating Section for Multiple Families

There was another section in the restaurant where multiple small stations were built to serve different dishes – like Gol-Gappe, Jalebi, Kebabs, Pasta, Dosa etc.

Individual Section for Sweets and Snacks

What is the mode of Operation

It will be a buffet system for the prices shown above. The difference is that the starters will be served for you at your designated table. There is no grill system ( like we have in barbeque). Once you are comfortable, you will be offered a welcome drink – it could be sweet lime soda/cold beverages.

Post that, the staff will start serving you the starters. In our case, it was 3 different dishes of chicken, 1 dish of fish, 2 dishes of paneer, 1 dish of crispy corn, and 1 dish of veg kebab – that’s it !! ( of course, the servings were as much as you needed)

There was no mutton, no seafood dishes !!

(Highly Disappointing )

When the starters were done, the customer had to choose from the spread. The food was neatly organised. One thing must be highlighted here – the number of food items was significantly less. Be it vegetarian, be it non-vegetarian.

Dishes from Evening Buffet
Dishes from Evening Buffet


The restaurant’s staff was courteous. The seating was comfortable and relaxed. And, there was a bonus – a big screen !!

My family’s only regret, including mine, was the number of dishes served and the taste. ( Although taste is a private entity). Otherwise, this restaurant is highly recommended if you are looking for a good time !!

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