17 Things to Do in Mumbai for Youngsters

17 Things to Do in Mumbai for Youngsters

Greetings, young travellers, looking for an adventure in the City of Dreams? Ah, Mumbai, the charismatic city that never sleeps, where ‘Chai, not Chianti’ is the heart’s desire! Welcome aboard; we’re about to take a quirky trip around a city bustling with exploratory opportunities for you.


Breathtaking Mumbai! It’s a melting pot of picturesque chaos and organized anarchy, seasoned with a vibrant culture and one-of-a-kind experiences. It’s like living in ‘La La Land’ but with spicy ‘Vada Pav’ and shimmering beaches. From the delicious street food that lights up your taste buds to the sass and flash of Bollywood, it’s a city that caters to all your youthful quirks and fancies.

Buckle up and brace for a whirlwind of experiences in this spirited Mumbai guide for the young and the restless!

Part I: Exploring Mumbai’s Vibrant Food Scene

If cities had a love language, Mumbai’s would undoubtedly be food. A bustling melting pot of cultures converging over centuries, Mumbai’s food scene is a delight that melds the traditional with the excitingly unexpected.

Go Street Food Hunting in Chowpatty Beach

Food! It’s the universal love language. And Chowpatty Beach is the epicentre, hyping up your taste buds with an explosion of flavours. The invincible ‘Bhel Puri’ is the Casanova of Mumbai Street food, while ‘Sev Puri’ is like a grand feast on a tiny (edible) plate!

Chowpatty Beach Mumbai
Image: Social News XYZ

Here, the symphony of crashing waves and chatter of lively crowds is punctuated by enthusiastic chaat vendors, each boasting a repertoire of mouth-watering snacks that represent the soul of Mumbai’s vibrant street food scene.

Types of street food to try

Quick Tip

DO NOT, I repeat, take advantage of ‘Paani Puri’ – the water balloon of exquisite flavours!

Meanwhile, ‘Pav Bhaji'(mashed veggies loaded with butter, served with dinner rolls) is the culinary hug Mumbai bestows upon its visitors. And for sweet relief, the iconic kulfi (a local ice cream variant) is your ultimate saviour.

Why not?

Unique Mumbai dishes to look out for

Amongst the myriad treats, don’t forget to relish the “Bombay Sandwich”, a genuinely desi take on the western staple packed with the freshness of vegetables, zesty chutneys, and grilled to crispy perfection. Also, make it a point to hunt down “Baida Roti” a delicate egg-filled pastry that’s simply a party in your mouth.

Bombay Sandwich , a popular food item from Mumbai
Bombay Sandwich ( Image Courtesy: Food Fanatic )

Close friends of food lovers, meet ‘Vada Pav’ and ‘Bombay Sandwich’, the yin and yang of Mumbai’s food world! Spicy yet sweet, chaotic yet blended, they are the foodie’s puzzle on a platter!

Vada Pav, iconic food item from Mumbai
Vada Pav ( Image Courtesy: GQ India )

Dive into Mumbai’s Cafe Culture

Leaping to Mumbai’s bustling cafes, each with a unique vibe that resonates with the city’s ceaseless vibrancy. With local coffee aromas marrying international brews, the restaurants in Mumbai are like little islands of solace tucked amidst the city’s frenzy.

Notable cafes in Bandra and South Mumbai

Take a sunny walk down Bandra’s lanes, and you’ll stumble upon The Bagel Shop, serving arguably the best bagels in town in a peaceful garden setting. South Mumbai brings nostalgia with a side of fantastic Irani tea at the legendary Yazdani Bakery.

The Bagel Shop, Mumbai
Image Courtesy – On the Grid: City Guides

Prithvi Cafe, The Bagel Shop and Leaping Windows offer transcending experiences in a cup of coffee. They’re like portals to flavour town, activated by the touch of your tongue!

Yazdani Bakery Mumbai
Image Courtesy: Irani Chai, Mumbai

What makes Mumbai’s cafe scene unique

What sets Mumbai’s cafes apart, you ask? It’s the blend of the old and the new. The art-deco interiors, the old-school board games, the display of local art, the brimming bookshelves—each corner speaks stories of the city’s changing times. These cafes are not just spaces but experiences; they’re the heartbeat of a city pulsating with life and aspirations.

Mumbai’s cafes are more than just coffee shops. They double up as social hubs, art platforms, and even rainbow cockatoo sanctuaries (Looking at you, Birdsong Cafe!).

BirdSong Organic Cafe in Mumbai
Birdsong Cafe ( Image Courtesy: HappyCow )

Experience Fine Dining with a Twist at Themed Restaurants

Sometimes, dining should be about more than just food. It should be an experience, a fun-filled ride that tickles your fancy and pushes boundaries. That’s where Mumbai’s fabulous portfolio of themed restaurants comes into play.

Take a break from the usual and dine amidst pirates or under the sea! Mumbai’s themed restaurants are redefining ‘eating out’—literally!

Unique themed restaurants in Mumbai

Places like ‘Bar Stock Exchange’, ‘Village – The Soul of India’, or ‘Rainforest Resto-Bar’ ensure you carry home a happy tummy and an unforgettable kaleidoscopic dining experience.

Rainforest Resto-Bar in Mumbai
Rainforest Resto-Bar ( Image Courtesy: Tripadvisor )

Every once in a while, we crave some extra zing for our culinary journey, right? Jive to the 80’s rock music at Hard Rock Cafe, or step into the vintage comfort of the Village – The Soul of India. This eatery mimics an old Indian village with bullock carts and a bioscope.

Appropriate occasions for themed dining

Cause for celebration? Are you trying to impress your date or simply wanting to feel like a detected Wizard in the ‘Ministry of Magic’? Themed restaurants have got you covered!

These restaurants aren’t just about food; they’re about narratives. Themed dining is perfect for when you’re in the mood for some role-play or simply planning a memorable evening with friends and family. So wear your best smile, and let the theme-driven imageries and mouth-watering facets of Mumbai’s gastronomy world introduce you to a fantastic sensory symphony.

Part II: Outdoor Adventure and Recreation

Enjoy the Beaches around Mumbai

One would be hard-pressed to imagine Mumbai without picturing its iconic coastline. The city hugs the Arabian Sea, providing an extensive array of beaches genuinely a slice of paradise. I remember the first time I dipped my toes in the calm waters of a Mumbai beach; the experience was nothing short of magical.

Arabian Sea view from Mumbai coast
Image Courtesy: Britannica

Famous beaches and their unique features

There are several beaches dotting Mumbai’s coastline, each with its unique charm.

  • Juhu Beach is famous for its food stalls offering lip-smacking local street food (can anyone say ‘Pav Bhaji’?)
  • Versova Beach is a reflection of the local fishing community culture and is often flocked by the city’s arty crowd.
  • Girgaum Chowpatty, the epicentre of Ganesh Chaturthi immersions and the perfect spot to catch a stunning sunset.
  • Trust me when I say each beach offers a fascinating flavour of the city that never sleeps!

Water sports and other beach activities

While beach-hopping is an adventure, the fun continues beyond there. The thrill-seekers among you would want to take advantage of the variety of water sports available. The options are endless, from banana boat rides and jet skiing to parasailing and windsurfing.

If you’re more of a dry land fan, beach volleyball or a friendly game of beach cricket could be right up your alley.

Take a Ferry Ride to Elephanta Caves

There’s something incredibly liberating and exciting about a ferry ride. The rocking waves, the salty sea breeze ruffling your hair, and the panoramic view of Mumbai’s skyline.

Now, add to this a destination steeped in history – Elephanta Caves. A ferry ride to these caves is like stepping into a time machine that takes you back centuries.

About Elephanta Caves and its historical significance

The Elephanta Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are a treasure trove of sculptures, carvings, and architectural wonders. These rock-cut temples, primarily dedicated to Lord Shiva, date back to the 5th and 8th centuries. Walking along the pillared corridors of these caves is like leafing through the pages of a rich, living, breathing history book.

Elephanta Caves near Mumbai
Image Courtesy: Holidify

Highlights of the ferry ride and what to expect

Prepare to have your senses enthralled on the trip. Right from watching the distant city dissolve into a delightful miniature version of itself, spotting dolphins (if you are fortunate), to the grand reveal of the caves – the ferry ride is teeming with memorable experiences. However, if you ask me, the true superstar of the show is the ‘Gateway of India’, which you sail under before reaching the Island.

Trek to Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Nature lovers, this one’s for you. Suppose you need a break from the city’s hustle and bustle. In that case, the Sanjay Gandhi National Park is your sanctuary amid the urban jungle. And what better way to explore it than a trek?

sanjay gandhi national park mumbai
Sanjay Gandhi National Park( Image Courtesy: Expedia )

Short description of the national park

Spread across a massive area of 104 square kilometres, Sanjay Gandhi National Park is often called the “lungs of Mumbai.” This park is home to various flora and fauna, including leopards, monkeys, and a stunning variety of birds. What’s more, it houses the 2400-year-old Kanheri caves.

Various activities to do within the park

Beyond the trek, plenty keeps you engaged within the park. Nature trails, bird watching, boating in the artificial lake, a mini-train ride through the park, or simply a picnic amidst nature; it’s a world away from the city chaos. The park also boasts the famous ‘Lion and Tiger Safari’- trust me when I say there’s never a dull moment here!

So, my young friends, buckle up for the exciting adventures awaiting you in the City of Dreams! With its unique blend of history, culture, nature, and modernity, Mumbai has something to offer everyone.

Now, that’s my kind of city! Don’t you agree?

Part III: Deep Dive into Mumbai’s Culture and Art Scene

Attend a Theatre Play at Prithvi Theatre

If you’re lured by the bright lights and high drama, Mumbai’s theatre scene is as alluring as an unexpected plot twist. Ah, the thrill! Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. And no place holds the heart of this scene quite like the venerable Prithvi Theatre.

I remember my first visit like it was yesterday. The coils of anticipation tightened in my stomach as I stepped into the famed theatre – an innocent bystander ready to be swept away by the tsunami of emotions, drama, and raw human expression.

Prithvi Theatre in Mumbai
Image Courtesy: Festivals from India

Prithvi Theatre dances to a beat of its own. Compact, yet comfortable – nowhere does the phrase ‘good things come in small packages’ ring more true. Shows witness packed houses and the performances, oh boy! They are nothing short of spellbinding. I tell you that the intimacy of being close to the performers, experiencing their energy firsthand and witnessing the story unfold right before your eyes is pure magic.

How many places can you find today that cater to English and Hindi audiences with equal enthusiasm?

Plays, Standup Comedy, Children’s Workshops – it’s like a Pandora’s box of cultural delights.

Explore Mumbai’s Art Galleries

The Bombay art scene was all about Bollywood posters and hand-painted signboards.

Well, think again.

The city’s art galleries echo the whispers of artists who’ve dared to walk the unbeaten path. Jehangir Art Gallery is a sanctuary for contemporaries, visionaries, and everything in between. Its personality is as varied as the street food lining Mumbai’s shores. I kid you not; I once saw an entire exhibition dedicated to pebbles! Pebbles! Talk about pushing the creative envelope.

Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai
Image Courtesy: YoMetro

Then you’ve got the National Gallery of Modern Art, where the walls whisper tales of the past, present, and occasionally, the future. It’s like stepping into a time machine but with an artsy twist.

What types of art can you expect?

Oh, that’s a mixed bag of goodies. You name it contemporary, classic, surreal, abstract, modern, and I bet it’s tucked away in some corner of this city’s galleries.

Is it overwhelming? Sure. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Visit the Iconic Bollywood Film Sets

Picture this

You’re walking around a lush garden, chatting with friends, when suddenly Shah Rukh Khan walks past. Just another day in Film City, folks!

Tucked away amongst the city’s hustle-bustle, these iconic film sets are a testament to Mumbai’s soul – larger-than-life, chaotic, ‘filmy’, and darn addictive.

The grandeur of Bollywood is not just restricted to the silver screen. It spills over to the film sets, rippling through every structure, every prop, every painted backdrop. I dare you not to be star-stuck! The handcrafted landscapes, towering set pieces, and trickling artificial rain are like stepping into an alternate universe.

I remember gasping at the enormity of it all. The labyrinth of sets, each a different world, yet tied together by the threads of imagination and ingenious craftsmanship. Visiting here is akin to being an extra in a panoramic Bollywood dream in all its glory. Film City to Whistling Woods are both stark reminders and grand evidence of how the city of Dreams goes to extreme lengths to turn fantasy into celluloid reality.

I think Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz nailed it when she said, “There’s no place like home,” especially if that home happens to be Mumbai. It’s one crazy town that constantly surprises, excites, or inspires.

So, youngsters, fasten your seatbelts and let Mumbai seamlessly take you from cricket pitches to the heart of Bollywood, from serene landscapes to vibrant theatre plays – each experience a dazzling snapshot of this chaotic, beautiful, ‘Amchi Mumbai’.

Part IV: Engage in Mumbai’s Thriving Nightlife

Mumbai, lovingly recognized as the “City of Dreams,” transforms into an almost magnetic marvel when the sun dips below the horizon. And hey, if you’re anything like me, you believe engaging in a city’s nightlife is a must, regardless of where you are.

Dance the Night Away at Mumbai’s Nightclubs

So, after filling your belly with spicy street food during the day, you may be keen to shake a leg at some of Mumbai’s finest nightclubs. Fun fact: Mumbai is as notorious for its electrifying nightlife as it is for its mouth-watering vada pav. It’s true; Google it if you want!

Notable nightclubs to visit

Let’s begin with my personal favourites. Trilogy: this is where Mumbai’s crème de la crème gather to be seen. The club is notorious for its energetic ambience, not to mention its heart-flutter-inducing sea views. My advice? Wear those dancing shoes and prepare to see celebrities brushing shoulders with you.

Next up, we’ve got the ever-versatile Hard Rock Café. This iconic venue is a paradise for folks who enjoy grooving to various music genres. One minute, you’re head-banging to a rock classic; the next minute, you find yourself swaying to a sultry jazz tune.

Hard Rock Cafe in Mumbai
Hard Rock Cafe( Image Courtesy: LBB )

Activities and events to look forward to

Many Mumbai nightclubs host theme nights. If you have a keen eye for costumes, hit the clubs on Halloween or retro nights. Hustle on a weekday? Fear not; check out the ladies’ nights; some even offer free drinks. Ah, Mumbai, you naughty devil, full of delicious surprises!

Listen to Live Music at Bars and Pubs

If banging beats and flashy disco balls aren’t your scene, fret not! Mumbai’s pubs are an acoustic gold mine. In fact, if I were stranded on an island with only one thing, I would choose a cosy Pub playing some great tunes.

Variety of music genres are available

Whether you love strumming to country music, tapping your feet to indie rock, or getting lost in the soft melodies of jazz, Mumbai’s bars and pubs cater to everybody’s musical taste buds. Notable places like Blue Frog and Bonobo have seen local musicians and international artists grace their stage.

Blue Frog in Mumbai
Blue Frog( Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times )

Top locations for live music events

Take a trip down to Bandra, Mumbai’s hippest neighbourhood and let your hair down in Mehboob Studio. If grabbing a drink by the beach sounds tempting, Carter Road is your haven, with many bars playing acoustic sets with a picturesque beach view. Add that to your Mumbai nightlife bucket list, folks!

Sky-gazing at Rooftop Bars

For the more laid-back, how about drinking under the stars at one of Mumbai’s many rooftop bars? The sparkling skyline, the balmy winds, and the clinking of glasses, it’s pure magic, I tell you!

The charm of Mumbai’s rooftop bars

These rooftops put a stunning spotlight on Mumbai’s architectural marvels, and it feels like the city’s glittering skyline performs a captivating ballet under a starry quilt. Plus, you get insta-worthy pictures. Talk about a win-win!

Notable rooftop bars and what to expect

There’s Aer at the Four Seasons Hotel, where you can sip fancy cocktails while enjoying panoramic views of the city and the Arabian Sea. If you are more of a wine-and-dine person, hit Dome at the InterContinental, offering a comprehensive wine list and fine-dining options.

Between dancing up a storm at nightclubs, grooving with live bands at bars, enjoying music in cosy pubs, or just sitting back and admiring the stars at a rooftop bar, Mumbai’s nightlife truly has something for every flavour of a night owl.

Hey, don’t take my word for it, though. Get out there and walk the talk. You can thank me later… by sharing your exciting stories and adventures from Mumbai’s electric and fascinating nightlife!

Part V: Shopping Extravaganza

Bargain Shopping at Fashion Street and Chor Bazaar

If the thought of rummaging through endless racks of colourful clothes, one-of-a-kind baubles, and unique home decor gets your heart pumping just as much as mine, then welcome to the club, fellow shopaholic! Mumbai has an eclectic mix of open-air bazaars and high-end malls, each offering a unique shopping experience.

Overview of street markets in Mumbai

Now, let’s dig in.

Fashion Street and Chor Bazaar, two of Mumbai’s most renowned street markets, are paradises for bargain hunters like us. One step in, and you’ll be transported into a different world, a boisterous mix of chaos and old-world charm. Sounds rhythmic. Wait until you sense the chorus of vendors calling out deals, the aroma of street food wafting by and, of course, the sight of jam-packed stalls draped with a myriad of items. It’s like stepping into Aladdin’s magical cave, but you get a dazzling array of commodities instead of a genie!

Oh, you gotta love this beautiful chaos!

Unique finds and deals

True to its name, Fashion Street boasts myriad contemporary fashion items at dirt-cheap prices. Here, alongside the quintessential bohemian-chic attire, you’ll stumble across some pretty unusual finds – vintage sunglasses and quirky bags – all waiting to be haggled for. On the other hand, Chor Bazaar is a treasure trove of antique items. Ever fancied owning a gramophone? A tastefully worn leather briefcase? Or LP records from the golden age of music?

Oh yeah, Chor Bazaar is your Narnia!

Explore High-End Fashion at Phoenix Mall

Description of high-end shopping experience

But hey, we’re not ditching luxury shopping in our Mumbai extravaganza. Just walk down to Phoenix Mall, and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped onto Rodeo Drive. This place is an expensive wonderland of glitz and glamour, housing everything – from boutique cafes to multiplexes and designer brands to chic home decor stores.

Phoenix Palladium

Its one of the largest mall for the luxury shopping in Mumbai. It is located in Lower Parel, Mumbai.
Mall Timings: 11:00 AM – 10 PM
How to Reach: Click here

Notable brands and services available

And when I say designer, I mean the crème de la crème – Do I hear Gucci, Prada, Armani? Yeah! But it’s not all about fancy tags and big brands. You also get top-tier services. Personal stylists, makeup lessons at Sephora, gourmet dining – you name it. You’ll leave Phoenix Mall not just with shopping bags but also with precious memories.

There is a new shopping destination in Mumbai.

Jio World Centre

Its a new destination of luxury shopping. Jio World Centre is located in Mumbai’s central business district, Bandra Kurla Complex.
How to Reach: Click here

Visit Book Street in the Flora Fountain Area

Introduction to Book Street and what it offers

Alright, my fellow bookworms, it’s time to unveil the gem, Book Street! This place makes you want to breathe in the smell of pages – a fragrance that no e-book can replicate! Located in the Flora Fountain area, Book Street is this little corner of Mumbai where the world slows down and fantasy takes over reality. Books are stacked up high, some new, others slightly dog-eared, but each has a unique story.

Specialty bookstores to look out for

The street is dotted with myriad little speciality bookstores, hidden like Easter eggs. Kitab Khana is a treasure trove that houses a vast collection of regional-language books. Ahh…! The sheer joy of discovering a Marathi poetic anthology or a Bengali classic!

And then there’s Smoker’s Corner, with its vintage charm and a vast collection of second-hand books available at throwaway prices. So whether you’re looking for the latest John Green novel or a rare, first-edition Hemingway, Book Street won’t disappoint you. And can we take a moment to appreciate the joy of getting your hands on a pre-loved book? It’s like adopting a pet but without the house training!

So, pull out those comfy shoes and gear up for an unforgettable shopping extravaganza in the heart of Mumbai. You’ll shop ’til you drop or drop into a cosy corner with a new book.

Either way, it’s a win!


Want to experience Mumbai like never before? Here’s a recap- Dig into the sumptuous chaats at Chowpatty, feel the artistic vibes at Prithvi Theatre, dance till the wee hours in a nightclub, hop on a ferry to Elephanta Caves, score some quirky antiques from Chor Bazaar, and find a little tranquil in Sanjay Gandhi National park! Make way, Mumbai!

And if you need more help planning this incredible journey, here are some frequently asked questions that travellers often ask!

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What makes Mumbai an ideal destination for youngsters?

Mumbai is a vibrant city that offers many activities catering to young individuals’ interests. From cultural experiences to nightlife, there’s something for everyone.

Are there budget-friendly options for activities in Mumbai?

Absolutely! Mumbai has numerous budget-friendly options, including street food adventures, exploring local markets, and enjoying the city’s street art.

Is Mumbai safe for young travellers?

Mumbai is generally safe for travellers, but exercising common sense and being aware of your surroundings is essential. Stick to well-lit areas, use reputable transportation, and avoid isolated places at night.

What are some must-visit landmarks in Mumbai for youngsters?

Youngsters would enjoy iconic landmarks like the Gateway of India, Marine Drive, and Bandra-Worli Sea Link for their picturesque views and historical significance.

Where can one experience Mumbai’s vibrant nightlife?

The nightlife in Mumbai is dynamic. Head to places like Colaba, Bandra, or Lower Parel for various bars, clubs, and lounges offering diverse experiences.

Are there adventure activities available in Mumbai for adrenaline junkies?

Absolutely! Try paragliding at Kamshet, trekking in the hills around Mumbai, or experiencing the thrill of water sports in nearby locations.

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