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Hi! I am Adarsh

Welcome to my Travel Tales

AmazingTravelTales is a blog that connects with the traveller in you. It was born with the idea of exploring new places and new cultures, always having the spirit of curiosity. It all started when I had this desire to know other realities. Walking in someone else’s shoes for just a minute and experiencing what it would be like if I were from another place or culture. I felt how important it is to keep travelling because it keeps us fresher and more open-minded about life.

I want to reveal to you those hidden gems that everyone can get to know while still respecting safety and trying not to be an invader in their lives.

About Me AmazingTravelTales

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does traveling mean to me?

Travelling means being there and not just being told about it. Travelling is searching for the things others want to hide to find what really matters. It’s filling my eyes with colours, sounds, and touches because I’m the only one who can do this right now.

2. What’s your favorite country to visit?

I love visiting places in India. Its rich culture, beautiful sites, and varied landscapes always amaze me. Amongst foreign countries, Maldives has been my favourite destination. I was spellbound to see its beauty !! It’s a magical place.

3. What inspires me to create blog posts about my travel tales?

I will show you what has inspired me to travel, whether I love adventure or I prefer luxury. I will let you know about my favourite places and share my thoughts and experiences in each country I have visited. Together we can build a “Suitcase of Tales” to inspire others to visit new destinations.

4. Do you try the local food when you travel?

I enjoy eating different types of food when travelling. When travelling, it is crucial to enjoying the opportunity to taste some authentic food that can’t be found at home. I like to try the local dishes in each country that I visit.

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