Travellers Around The Globe Who Have Influenced Me

travellers-around-the-globe- who-have-influenced-us

There are certain people in the world who inspire us to come out of cocoon of hesitation , shyness and uncomfortability to express ourselves.

This post covers such personalities of travel industry who have influenced us, gave me the inspiration to write about my travel experiences in India and across the world.

What I like about them ?

There are so many. Why don’t I list them out for you all ?

  • First, they enjoy the work they do. When they tell about something that they visit, they have a big smile on their face. Their energy radiates and will definitely have an impact on you.
  • Second, they are always open to experience new things. Whether its the local food or the local attraction that needs to be visited or talking about the local cultures – they welcome newness in their lives.
  • Third, they try to give all the necessary information they possibly can. These information can help a person immensely if he/she is visiting a place.
  • Fourth, almost all of them are full time travelers. When you read about them, you will come to know about their struggles, their conviction, their passion, their positivity. They tell you that if they can, so can you.
  • Fifth, they are always approachable. They encourage you to share your feedback/comments/thoughts which will help them to grow and in turn, will facilitate a better content with better presentation.

FYI: The order, in which , these name appears, does not signify their rankings in any manner.

Tanya Khanijow

This person is such a treat to your eyes and brilliant to read. I am following her YouTube channel as well as the blog from a very long time now. She was in a corporate job which she resigned in 2018 and took full time travelling as her source of bread and butter.

Since then, she has come a long way and that shows in her videos and blogs. I got to know her through her videos series on Goa and after that, I regularly update myself through her materials.

Image of Tanya Khanijow
Image Courtesy: @tanyakhanijow

She is fun, energetic, communicative and informative. She will definitely inspire you to either write a blog or shoot an YouTube video.

Radhika Nomllers

This is another lady which just gets you hooked on a travel spree. I recently watched her YouTube video of Manali Lockdown Stay and really liked it. She has an awesome website ,too, which is full of travel information.

She has travelled extensively and she has covered them in both of the formats( video and blogs) beautifully. She has an eye for details and it impresses us.

Image of Radhika Nomllers
Image Courtesy: @radhika_nomllers

She is communicative, fun, work in details and again, inspire you to get creative .

Kritika Goel

She is another travel vlogger/blogger whom I admire. I have watched many many YouTube videos of her and recently stumbled upon her blog website.

Image of Kritika Goel
Image Courtesy: @kritika_goel

The website looks fresh and exciting. I like the way she presents herself and its obvious that her communication skills are very good. As her videos are content rich so are her blogs. Beautiful pictures, well written content what else do you need !!

Bruised Passports

This venture is run by a couple and what a lovely pair they are !! I got to know about them when I watched their Bali series YouTube videos and I was highly impressed.

Everything in the video was too good – their content, their presentation, their energy, their excitement.

Image of BruisedPassports
Image Courtesy: @bruisedpassports

They show us the excellent blend of luxurious vacation as well as the affordable vacation. Their website is brilliantly written with all the necessary information and beautiful photos.

Lost Leblanc

I really really admire this guy’s passion of travelling and exploring places. And, top of that, his videos are amazingly beautiful !!

He also has a website which is so wonderfully designed that you will have to appreciate his efforts. He is at the top of his game.

Image of Lost Leblanc
Image Courtesy: @lostleblanc

He portrays fun, excitement, adventure.

He shows you the way a single individual, a couple, a hitchhiker – anyone can plan their travel.

Mountain Trekker

This venture is run by Varun Vagish and he is one gem of a traveller. I saw his Bali and Mauritius videos and became a fan. He will leave no corner unturned in providing information of the place he visits.

Image of Mountain Trekker
Image Courtesy: @varunvagish

We like his communication skill and he has art of mingling with strangers with such an ease that we envy. He does have a website too, which does not disappoint you.

World Ghoomo

This venture is run by Sarita and Kamal, a travel enthusiast couple. I was doing research for our Munnar trip and their videos were so informative and delightful which inspired us a lot. A big thank you to this couple !!

Image of World Ghoomo
Image Courtesy: @worldghoomo

She is the person who speaks clearly and give complete and relevant information about the places which largely answers all the queries a traveller may have. They also have a website which is equally informative and well-designed.

Luxury Travel Expert

Last but not the least, this venture is so so out-of-the-world amazing that I cant even tell you. I just admire the way he works. His videos are so high quality that will leave you speechless.

He makes videos of the property he visits and leaves no corners untouched.

On the other hand, his website is a rich source of luxury travel destination ideas.

Image of Luxury Travel Expert
Image Courtesy: @luxurytravelexpert

In the end, I would like to say that all these people are creating wonderful content for the travellers around the world.

Their detailed information, their beautiful media content( either pictures or videos) allures you to visit places and experience the sheer joy.

Final Words

They have inspired me to write my travel stories and share with the world. I hope that as I am being inspired by these nice people today, soon the day will come, where people will be inspired by me !!

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